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10 July 2008 @ 02:41 am
Forsaken Categories  
Allowing for the possibility of some last minute changes. Here is the list of categories you'll be able to nominate within each fandom for. There are many categories because we have to allow for the gamut of fics that may appear in different fandom.

Vampire fandoms require special vampire categories and probably won't have a Best Fluff Author. Some fandoms have lots of slash and others little or none. There are very chaste PG fandoms and those that are filled with erotica and require special adult categories. In all probability most fandoms will have some categories with few or no nominations which is fine, we aren't going to hold nominations open trying to find vampire bites in Profiler or something equally absurd.

We simply present the opportunity and the categories which are appropriate to each fandom will fill accordingly. Perhaps in time we may have a specific list for each fandom as we better understand the needs of each fandom but in the interest of fairness we created a large list this time around.

****List Updated 7/11****

Please note, fic only competes with other fic within the same fandom. Blood Ties won't be competing with Profiler or Forever Knight, only against Blood Ties, etc.

Author Award Categories
Best Author
Best New Author - must have been writing for six months or less in that fandom OR have less than five fics in that fandom
Best AU Author
Best Angst Author
Best Dark Author
Best Erotic Author
Best Fluff Author
Best Humor Author
Best Romance Author

Overall Fic Categories
Best Drabble - 100 - 1000 words
Best Short Story - 1000 - 6000 words
Best Long Story - 6000 - 20,000 words
Best Epic - 20,000 words or more
Best Series - 2 or more stories that are related and together have a word count of no less than 3000 words.
Best WIP - must have a minimum of 5000 words to be considered for an award.

General Category Fanfic Awards
Best Angst - this category is for sad or tragic fic, the sort that make you want to cry.
Best AU Fic - most if not all elements of canon are changed
Best Crossover - fic that crosses over with another series. ** Note - In the Crossover category the fandom the fic crosses over with, may be something mainstream like BTVS or HP. In otherwards if a fic crosses over one from the list of fandoms being included like Forever Knight and crossed it with Buffy, it could be nominated provided the focus was at least 50% or more on the minor fandom.
Best Dark Fic - fic that is dark and depressing or creepy, think character death, stalking,
Best Drama - story should be filled with drama, could be emotional drama or situational drama
Best Episode Stealer - re-write of an episode that uses an episode in a way that offers a significant change or improvement.
Best Ensemble - this category is for fics that are focused on plot and characters as an ensemble rather than ships. It should explore a minimum of four characters and and have little or no romance.
Best Erotic Fic - fic that contains one or more sex scenes and is erotically charged throughout
Best Fantasy Fic - fic which features a fantastic plot, for example time travel, supernatural elements in a fandom which doesn't normally have them, this departure from the realistic daily world that is canon in the fandom
Best Fluff - lighthearted, cute and fluffy fic.
Best Friendship - this category is for fics which focus on a friendship rather than a romantic relationship.
Best Future Fic - fics that either take place after the series is over OR about what could happen in a future season for a series still on the air.
Best Holiday Fic - takes place during and has a strong holiday theme. May be any major holiday, doesn't have to be Christmas.
Best Humor Fic - funny and humourous fic, something that makes the reader laugh
Best Minor Character - fic that focuses on a minor character or is written from their POV.
Best Missing Scene - this category is for fics that fill in the gaps in the show. May be canon or something AU in the case of ships.
Best Past Fic - fic exploring life of one or more characters before the start of the series.
Best Romance - focuses on romantic relationship or the development of romance between two characters
Best Song Fic - story inspired by song lyrics or that employs the use of a song in a significant way
Best Slash - fic that focuses on a same sex relationship

Erotica Award Categories
Best Bondage - fic that has a strong BDSM theme
Best Edgeplay - deals with controversial fetishes like breathplay etc
Best Fetish Scene - scene in which a fetish is the focus and/or a vital part
Best Kiss - kiss between characters that is special and distinctive
Best Non-Con - forced, coerced or gray area of consent
Best Oral Sex Scene - scene in which oral sex is the focus, may include intercourse but the oral sex must be significant and play an integral part in the scene
Best PWP - porn without plot
Best Porn With Plot - steamy fic that has lots of sex but also has a strong storyline
Best Quickie - unplanned encounter between two characters with minimal clothing removal that probably doesn't involve a bed unless they're in a mattress store or other unusual circumstance
Best Sex Scene - best overall sex scene, may be
Best Slash Sex Scene - sex scene between same sex characters
Best Smut Drabble - sexual drabble
Best Threesome, Foursome, or Moresome - sex between three or more characters
Best Use Of Sex Toys or Bondage Paraphenalia - fic which contains one or more scenes which employ the use of sex toys or bondage paraphenalia
Most Romantic Sex Scene - romantic love making.
Most Unique Sex Scene - sex scene that has something unconventional and different about it.

Vampire Award Categories
This category group is strictly for fandoms which are vampire focused.
Best Bite Scene - scene in which a vampire bite takes place - may be vampire on human or vamp on vamp
Best Claiming - scene in which a vampire claims a human or vice versa
Best Turning - vampire turns a human into a vampire
Best Use of Vampire Lore - unique or outstanding use of vampire lore

Character & Ship Award Categories
Best Characterization - captures the true essence of a character
Best Original Character - best author created character
Best Original Character Pairing - pairing between a fandom character and an original character, may be a secondary pairing
Best Conventional Pairing - pairing that is accepted as canon within a fandom
Best Slash Pairing - same sex pairing
Best Unconventional Pairing - non-canon pairing, could be characters who have little or no interaction in the fandom, enemies, etc
Best Use Of A Secondary Character - best use of secondary character

Plot Award Categories
Best Plot - best overall plot, something really outstanding that leaves an impression on the reader
Most Dramatic Plot - gripping plot that is filled with drama
Most Erotic Plot - plot that is sexy, sizzling, and/or kinky
Most Humorous Plot - plot that has a humourous premise
Most Original Plot - unique and unusual plot that is distinct from the other plot bunnies which are prevalent in the fandom
Most Romantic Plot - plot that is sweet, poignant, or in some way pulls at one's heartstrings

Website & Community Award Categories
Best Fanfic Archive - multi-author website
Best Fanfic Website - website which primarily or exclusively features one author
Best Livejournal Community - fandom focused community that is high quality and/or offers something special and unique to it's members