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Forsaken Fandom

Forsaken Fandoms Awards
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Welcome to the Forsaken Fandom Awards. Forsaken Fandom Awards are multi fandom awards for fandoms that have few or no active awards. Our awards are intended to encourage people to continue creating for their fandoms and offer them an opportunity for recognition of their work.

Dates for Round
Round 3 is on hiatus until further notice.

How Forsaken Works
Before each round of awards we post a list of fandoms we plan to include and start taking suggestions for any addional television or movie series fandoms that our members are interested in having included. When a new fandom is suggested we conduct a short investigation to see if any awards exist for the fandom and how many there are if they do and then add the fandom to our list.

Twice a year we hold the Forsaken Fandom Awards. Nominations are opened up for a period of five weeks. Then voting and judging are open for five weeks and then the winners are announced and banners are posted.

Fandoms Included in the past have included: Dracula The Series, Forever Knight, Pretender, Profiler, Red Dwarf, Subspecies, & Twin Peaks

Rules For Fandoms To Qualify At Forsaken
Rules For Nominating
Rules For Voting
Sign Up To Be A Judge

Please DO NOT hotlink any buttons or banners. All winners should save their banners on their computer and upload through either their webhost, photobucket, etc.

If you wish to be an affiliate or have any questions, email us.